Jaggedclaw on May 11, 2015

Sorry for the unexpected break, but I'm going to need some more time before I can get the next chapter going. On the Upside, I have a redbubble store now!
You can get t-shirts!


Even Leggings!

Heck with it, you can even get throw pillows!

Redbubble stuff can run a bit pricey, but stickers are only $2.60 USD! So if you'd like to help support the comic, go get yourself a sticker or something!
>> <<
There's also some of my other art for sale as well, such art nouveau stuff, Universal Horror Monsters, various 80s cartoons (okay, only one Catra at the moment, but I'm working on it).
On another note, I had to make a new e-mail for the comic because yahoo is a buttmunch.
So since I need a bit of a break before the next chapter, why don't you e-mail any questions for me or the cast to death-g-reaper(at)outlook(dot)com? I'll answer any questions I get with doodle comics. :)