DE Lighter Side 004 InsolentOne

JillyFoo on Aug. 2, 2013

An entry for the 2013 contest by Ruud Zwemmer aka InsolentOne. This one is one of the top three. I am even not sure what Vinchi looked like before the club. This reminds me of Dr. Manhatten from The Watchmen.
Check out InsolentOne's Devientart.
I have been going underway every other week this summer and I am temporarily FSA “Food Service Assistant” which means a lot more work hours then a typical full time job. It stinks not having a buffer to keep the Friday updates going. I also have a promotion test in Sept. that I have to study for. So I have a lot on my table at this time.
I will get to sending out all the prizes to the winners soon. I just have to make sure my funds are good.
Congrats to all DDers who have become finalists for this year's DD Awards. Demon Eater has been placed as finalist for Horror. I am not really going to push for it. I don't mind if one of the other candidates takes it this year. Unfortunately I can't volunteer to judge this year due to crazy work schedule already talked about above.