Part Six: Go Ask Grandmother_166

MadMindInk on March 15, 2014

i feel my writing will always be anticlimactic, from a certain point of view.

to all those who ask about the ending, or rather want it to go on for a
lot longer. i'm sorry, but that will not be happening. i never likes
stories that just go on and on, and this one was written to be quite
short, compared to some others i will make. so this story will end, but
the worlds will not. future stories will all be set in one or more of
these 8 spheres. the 8 Isles of Dreaming is my setting. some of the
things i've shown or touched upon here, in this story, are going to be
in the next four stories i have planed.

the next project has been planed and written and ready to go. it's going
to be Red-Dawn. it too, wont be too long. i feel i still have a lot
more i want to learn, before i commit to making a long story.

~also, i have made my own font and used here. what do you think?