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Vakanai on June 16, 2009

Alright, either the artist didn't finish in time last week, or I forgot to update last week. Either way (pretty sure it was probably me) sorry. I made extra sure to post this one today, Wedenesday. Unless you live over in a timezone a few hours slower than me, in which case, again, sorry. Anyways, it's about 2 am.
Hope you've been enjoying Devil Squid Adventures. It's like the Saturday morning cartoon version of DS. I plan to start the more gritty comic Devil Squid as soon as I get an artist more in that vain (vein?). The idea is to one day have two DS comics up, a dark one and a light one, Devil Squid (DS) and Devil Squid Adventures (DSA). This is the light one (DSA). Oh, and a DS vs Cthulhu (DSvC) one shot someday. I'm just letting ya'll know a bit my plans as part apology, and partly to let any interested artists know that I am looking for an artist for DS. Blah blah, yakkity yakkity, squid out!