Josky Sprite Sheet

Spartan Wolf on Feb. 21, 2009

This is the sprite sheet of my character, Josky.

Name: Gein, Frederick
Alias: “Josky”
Age: 14
Height: 5'9“
Weight: 139.6 lbs.
IQ: 117
Personality: Lazy, irritated, sarcastic
First Pokémon: Arcanine (female, ”Ember“)
Goal: See ”Quotes“
Race: Caucasian
Blood Type: AB-
Orientation: Heterosexual
Religion: None
Symbols: 憎
History: Frederick Gein was born in Fortree to a devil-worshipper and a man known as Cyrus, who is, apparently, far older than the authorities assume. Cyrus left the woman he had impregnated, leaving Frederick with his Satanic mother. She started calling him Josky, after Josky Kiambukuta, seeing as he loved music so much. However, instead of the jazz-type that Mr. Kiambukuta composed, Josky loved hard rock and metal.
He had never recieved much love or attention from his mother, and through this, he became afraid to show his feelings. So for over ten years, he has kept his face as inhuman as he could; a blank mask, showing no emotion, making him the ultimate liar, which is just as well, because he usually has to lie to get what he wants.
It was this that also influenced his antisocial behavior. He does not wish to become anything more than an aquaintance to anyone, fearing that it could end up hurting him. The only living creature he is comfortable with is Ember, his Arcanine, because he knows that she wouldn't hurt him; physically OR emotionally.
When he was 12, two years later than when one usually recieves a Pokémon, he had found a Great Ball, which he used to capture a female Growlithe, whom had long since evolved.
Like his father, he believes that the world is corrupt. But, unlike his father, he has no desire to kill so many innocents. His goals, however, are a tad more extreme: he wants to capture the Pokémon that have made the world the way it is. He believes that if he can control them, he can change existance to a pure, peaceful universe.
Distinctive Characteristics: Face devoid of emotion; careful, cautious posture; creating excuses to be at any form of social gathering, even if it's just on the streets; extended vocabulary; lack of interest in almost everything.
”Things have gotten to the point where if you want something done, have someone else do it.“
”You can hit me, you can spit on me, you can shit on me, you can hit on me, but there's no difference; if I don't like it, I'll kick your ass.“
”Kyogre created sea; Groudon created earth; Palkia controls space; Dialga controls time; Uxie, Mesprit; and Azelf made us sentient; Arceus, the so-called ‘Original One,’ is what started it all. These Pokémon control the balance of our existance. They've also created the conflict that has ended so many lives. If one were to control these deities, he or she could change the universe to whatever he or she pleases, be it peace or war. I will find them, and peace will be brought into our lives.“
”Bow chika bow wow."

Name: Ember
Species: Arcanine
Age: 25 months
Personality: Patient, caring