Chapter 04, Page 21

Rennakins on Sept. 18, 2012

Finally we get a little insight on Ashley's past. Take the scars and the flashback and the woman in the hospital into consideration and we're off to a good start explaining all this crazy.
Also Liam lmao showing up in Ashley's apartment while he's out is adorably creepy, you psycho.
@Nero Angelo: Ashley lives in an apartment by himself. He's not particularly welcome in his home. Pointed out on this page, Ashley's mum is the woman in the hospital from earlier. Other than that, he has a dad and a stepmother, as well as a half-sister named Violet. :) No big spoiler there, it'll show up later on.
@geneseepaws: Sorry, they already left each other's company by this point. Buuuuut kissing isn't out of the question right now. XD;;