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that kid yellow on April 6, 2010

Well look who decided to get off his butt and post the next page!?!?!?!

This post comes with the all too familiar good news, bad news scenario… the good: all of you get the next page by the dynamic duo of “that kid yellow” and “japlander”… the bad: at this time I (Corey) can no longer color this comic.
Without any further ado, the apologies… I did not want to drop the torch on coloring this comic, but as the lack of updates shows, I have not had the time to work on Dome Busta… I wish I could give each and every one of you the apology that you deserve, but I cannot. The biggest one goes out to Alex, dude, I am very sorry for making you wait for most of the updates, I could make excuses for the tardiness, but I won’t. I was selfish in thinking that I could color your awesomely drawn comic in a timely manner, I was wrong…

Does this mean that this awesome comic will fade away like many have on this site? NO, Alex and I did not (I hope) part on bad terms, and he is determined not to let Dome Busta die, so he has been learning how to color as well as he draws. He will continue Dome Busta as a dynamic “ME” without the T & A (team minus the T and A)…

As days go by I hope to work with Alex again, he is one of the best artists I have ever worked with, and Dome Busta has been a challenge to color. I like the challenge it kept me on my toes… but for now, I cannot color… I hope that you will continue to read this comic, as I will. I’m not leaving the site, you can and will see me here and there, so until the next time, Ta-ta!


Quote from Alex:
Hey guys as Corey told you he will be going way from DB. But all is well I will be coloring and updating from here on out. Hopefully one day Corey can jump on board again. Bear with my coloring till I can get up to par. Also I have updated my 2nd comic No Murai Chaos check it out. And I submitted some stuff from Dome Busta and No Murai chaos at the DD store hope you like.