Maximum Power 'Avick'

WizWar100 on Oct. 12, 2009

A idea for a character that has a prototype suit that gives him super strength, speed&reflex, and armor&endurance.

With this suit he uses it to go hunt the four people(Still thinking of a name for the antagonist group) that obliterated his team and almost himself if it wasn't for the Admins of the Guard coming to his rescue in the nick of time…

The suit is a prototype creation by the Science Station ment for military use, but four out of the five are stolen, leaving one left that's incomplete because of the safety components that are still missing in the design that allows anyone to use it safety(Don't get me wrong anyone can use it, but just not long enough to be of any use). Avick however with his incident at the Science Station, had his body altered to be able to withstand the suits power despite missing the safety components and therefore given the suit to hunt the missing four, though he's only able to use it for a few minutes. Hopefully he makes good use of time with it.

P.S. that ‘revamp’ comment is just me talking about the change in his suit look, because I'm still thinking of a good look for the suit.