# 1 Suite 304 First Comic

DrBob on Sept. 2, 2007

Welcome to the first comic strip of Dr. Bob!

Actually, this is the first comic strip I did in college. I'd always wanted to try my hand at comics, so in the spring of my freshman year, I started a comic called Suite 304, which is the suite that I lived in. I attended James Madison University, or JMU, as an Art major. That year, they decided to sell condoms through the upperclassmen who lived and ran the dormotories. I lived in Chandler Hall, which is why that name is on the side of the desk. I was personally in favor of the decision, but I couldn't imagine actually getting concoms from your resident advisor, or RA. So that's where the idea for this comic came from.

The RA in this comic is actually a charicature of myself, just because I figured if I were going to draw and make fun of other people, I should be able to draw and make fun of myself first. It's weird looking back now and seeing how my drawing has changed. To me, the art does the job but doesn't have much style to it (and don't get me started on how short that guy's arms are! what was I thinking??), so if you're disappointed in how it looks, trust me it gets much better.

So this is the first comic strip I ever did. In this webcomic, I'll go through all the comics I've done over time, from undergrad to my time as a high school teacher to graduate school. I know I have at least 100 in all, and it seems like I keep finding more every time I go through the basement. Some of the comics are historically dated and/or refer to events that folks on campus knew well, but might need a little explanation to you now. For now, I plan on updating every weekday, Monday through Friday. I hope you enjoy these!