Chapter Three: Evacuation (Page 50 of 50)

Sameth on Dec. 20, 2013

*commentary by Jonathan*

And…that's that.  The end of my guest chapter for Micah.

To Micah: thank you for your advice in writing a Dragon City story, and for giving me the opportunity to do this.  I've learned a lot in the time it took to get it made and online, and I intend to use this knowledge for future projects.

To Mana Knight: thank you for the all help you gave me in the smaller details of the comic.  Without your help, I'd still be trying to name Sandra.

To those who are still here at the end of 50 pages of a pixel-art fan chapter: thank you for reading.  There wouldn't be much purpose to putting this online if you weren't here.

Today, December 20th, is actually a perfect day to be ending this comic.  Because three years ago tomorrow was the day Micah asked me if I wanted to do a chapter for Dragon City Stories.  Like with the December 6th comic, I didn't plan for the perfect timing on that.  It just…happened.

Evacuation is over now, but I'm still working on other projects at  I only have two sprite comics there at the moment, but I have plans for the future, including some drawn comics, and in somewhat more long-term planning, perhaps a visual novel I've been working on?  Anyway, if you liked Evacuation, maybe you'll like some other stuff I've done.  Right?

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped to make this comic happen, and thanks to everyone who showed up to read it.  It's been fun.  Really, it has.