Booger Face

AnqeiicDemise on June 4, 2006

Chow Mein Duck and Kung Pow Chicken… they came to me in the middle of butchery class when a friend and I were passing notes (kids, don't take it from me, PAY ATTENTION IN SCHOOL… especially when it means you can loose a finger in class) and well.. these two lads are a lot easier to draw than the Green Flamingoes Ladies.

By the way, I broke the platen on my scanner when I moved into the dorm. Yes, that very scanner I bitched and moaned and took for ever to get (if any you remember).

Anyway, the Fallen Seraph is back with a new name and a new story.

I'll keep on drawing these two so long as I got a boring class and free time to doodle while the chef talks.

And yes, I know the art is far from great (i don't have the eight hours it took to draw GF) or that its not ‘teh fonny’… Its going to take a while to transgribe the doodles to ms paint… or take pictures of.