Back Cover Bonus 1

Escutcheon on May 27, 2013

First things first: Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to those who have served to keep us free!

Alright, so hooray, the bonus comic is done! :3 Volume 2 will be starting soon~ (I just have to fin what happened to pages 81-84 D:)
Also, this is gonna give me a nice opportunity to get printing arrangements underway. I've already printed out a prototype copy of the bonus issue, which will be a LOT easier to get ready for the public than Volume 1, but rest assured, once things are really settled there, Volume 1 won't be far behind. I'm probably going to sell it as both volumes AND chapters, to mkae it easier for people to pace themselves. Chapters will likely be released about a month after the chapter in question has ended whereas Volumes will be a bit longer, due to their nature. All of my printed editions are going to have bonus content. The volumes will have more than the chapters, as you might imagine. @.@ I haven't come up with a price point as of yet, but I'll keep y'all updated when I know.

OH! Also, I updated the front cover too. They match better, I swear. xD I was about to print this when I realized I wasn't that fond of the cover, so I redid it.