I have no other art! You get my picture of half finished brother-wedding-gift :)

Miruku on Dec. 30, 2010


No for reals. ‘Twill be up tomorrow. It’s kind of Emma. BUT BETTER (let's hope/for me, anyway).

Briefly: It's called Goose. The narrator is still Emma Gordon, but she's not this Emma Gordon. I ditched a few other characters, but a version of Theo is still around, same as Will. It's almost the same story, by almost the same person. I'm six years older than when I started Emma - and that is the biggest difference. :)

See you soon (will post a link once the first page is up)!


I *may* have been in a hurry when I picked the image to put up. Sorry for the gigantor pic, 'tis fixed.

Also, apparently my scanner is le broken. That combined with not having internet at home means the first page will be up…possibly tomorrow? Looking at a twice a week update schedule, probably Sundays and Thursdays.