Energize/Dasien Timeline

Nepath on June 17, 2014

Hey, peeps.
This timeline represents events that are relevent to either Energize (Mike) or Dasien.  I had to revise the timeline a bit.  Some new events have been added, and others have been shuffled around.
I've added a new event to the timeline called “the Chrono Geode Event”.  It's more a Dasien event than an H-Universe event (meaning that you can ignore it if you want to), but it's on the timeline for reasons that I'll get to later on down the line.  Possibly in another team book.
I've also plugged in some of the extra Dasien events, such as the Speed-0 comic.
Sadly, I had to remove Energize/Dasien 2, as that will not be happening.  There is yet an epilogue, which will pretty much cover what we had intended.  Most other relevent events to Energize/Dasien 2 are covered adequately enough in Crossoverkill.
And lastly, I advise anyone reading this to keep their eyes on the new Energize storyline happening right now.  Luke's got a pretty awesome story brewing.