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Aussie_kid on Feb. 25, 2007

Coming soon.

This page done entirely by me (David ‘Aussie_kid’ Herbert). See, I'm not so useless at comics.

Oh, and here's the line up so far (In order of appearance)

Returning Characters
- Aussie_kid
- Eternity
- Champtim
- Twin
- WTFMan
- Silent_Ninja
- Drazi500
- Kagomas

The admin being featured:
- Volte6
- Ronson
- Skoolmunkee
- Black_kitty

Because they kick arse:
- Ozoneocean (Pinky TA, Pink Skin)
- Amelius (Charby the Vampirate)
- kYuPoL (Brood Knight series)
- Alejkhan (Jump, Lola)
- Hawk (Culture Shock)
- Donkas (Beer Noodles)
- Frogman (Ultimate X)
- thereddeath (Bad Guy High)
- YuiPweeLi (Faery Tale Grimm)

Original Allies

- Destined_Light (New female character to balance the one-sidedness and also for shameless fan service)

Now, before we start, we need to get a couple of things out of the way so I donâ??t get â??You suck!â?? â??I hate how is portrayedâ?? or â??Her hair is supposed to be 3 shades lighterâ??.

First of allâ?¦ and this is the part many of you missed out in the first oneâ?¦ It. Is. A. Comic. I do make fun of people and will have some things many of you (If not all) will find questionable. Let it be known that Iâ??m just telling a story. This is no more than a fan fic, like the Final Fantasy romance stories (Except with less guy on guy acts. Maybe Iâ??ll include some if enough people send donations)

Secondâ?¦ yes, I did do that one saga Ink monkey finds disagreeable. It was a one-time thing I did as a dare and if DD ever goes down again and I have to re-upload, that part isnâ??t going up. Just remember that that was all in the past and is not how the comic should be viewed as a whole.

Thirdâ?¦ There will be some parts that are anti-climatic. Iâ??m sorry, I donâ??t like it either, but thatâ??s just how the story goes.

Fourthâ?¦ Yes I do stroke my ego. In my life I am always the weaker being so I use my comics as an outlet. Trust me, if you lived in my body for a few days, youâ??d be pretty understanding

Fifthâ?¦ â?¦ I want you guys to be involved if you want to be. Give me comments, say what you mean, praise what you like, flame what you hate and above all, tell me what you want. I do this not only to get some ideas out of my head, but for the readers who enjoy what I have. Also, I want to do crossovers. More on that as the series progresses

Any way, now that thatâ??s out of the way, you have nothing to complain about. So just sit back, relax and wait for the comic to begin on the 26th of March

EDIT: One change made to the cast and another for the release date.

Until next time
The Aussie Kid