Fusion #11 Page 11

EssayBee on May 24, 2015

Here's page 11 of Fusion #11, and it seems even Brooder isn't immune to some regret.

(I'm posting this early to see if I can kickstart the Duck into marking updates again. According to the comic's info, Fusion hasn't updated since January of 2014, even though we all know it's been updating every Tuesday. The Help forum said posting an update on the day you want the update to show could work (instead of setting up pages in advance). For those who thought Fusion hadn't updated since January of last year, rest assured, Fusion updates EVERY Tuesday (with occasional Thursday bonuses), regardless of what The Duck says.)

(UPDATE: Well, it looks like this update is now showing. This page was meant for Tuesday, so this is this week's update, a few days early. Hopefully the next few weeks of updates (which have already been uploaded) will continue to show up. And sorry about the double parentheses . . . When I wrote these messages inside of square brackets, The Duck wouldn't display them (probably thinking they were improper code), so I had to resort to improperly using parentheses.)