08 19

Zarya on Feb. 21, 2013

I wonder where Enya is going.
My computer is broken, yet again. Over the course of the three years
that I’ve had my laptop I have sent it in twice because the screen broke
(the second time my entire screen was replaced with a new one) and once
because the video card gave out. Well, the video card gave out…again.
Luckily my computer has a 2 year extended warranty (the manufacturer’s
warranty was for two years) so the repairs (and shipping) are free up
until the end of this year. I’m not usually a fan of extended
warranties, but with the way I use my laptop (multiple large photoshop
documents or video game + netflix or pandora + lots of web tabs open)
there’s no way any graphics card would last me longer than 3 years. I’m a
bit annoyed my video card is on a death spiral but that’s what the
extended warranty is for.
In other happier news, my spring break starts in a week and so my
computer couldn’t have picked a better time to act up. I’ll actually
have the motivation to work on all the school work I’ve been putting