In Charge

Roar Comics on Dec. 12, 2013

These poor guys have been through SO much!Lost in space, AND time!A reluctant leader who feels responsible for getting them into the situation in the first place.Having to sneak through a literal parade of their enemies… and getting caught doing it!Being threatened by a mad Military captain with a personal grudge on their own captain… who just happensto be the son of known space pirates!Being fired upon,Having one of their crewmembers POSSESSED by an unknown force.Crashing into a larger ship to take cover from the firefight…And, NOW the small crew, with their number even more diminished by having wounded, maybe even CASUALTIES, are going to try their best to take over a MUCH LARGER ship on their own!And all this has happened within the space of ONE day!!Jeez! What's Chapter TWO gonna be like?!