Malcontents: Cover

Evil Emperor Nick on Dec. 9, 2007

This is the cover to Malcontents. Malcontents was my attempt to make a shojo series. I wouldn't say it was a traditional shojo series, but it was far more directed towards females them my typical series which was a common critism of the series.

Malcontents went strong for about a year before the artists started getting ready for university. With all the work she was under she didn't have time for Malcontents anymore so I had to pull the plug on this project. I'm hopeful that someday this story will be told in full.

Malcontents under went a long series of changes before I finally was ready to show it to anyone and it was the first series I really felt really confident in my writting from the start. Of course looking back now I see how I could have improved the series but I'm still proud of it as at the time it was my best work.

This was the only time I used this long dark monolog technique to introduce a story as I've grown to find it very cliche.