Boastfully insane on June 6, 2008

panels 4-5 are what eggmans thinking
I'll accept cameo's for the comic, as there will be points where lots of people would appear, and I'm not a fan of recolours. They have to be either nerofied or sonic style. Be prepared for anything to happen to them, (pm them to me) But if you want a big part, try to have them nerofied.
The update schedule will consist of a weekly comic atleast, at some random (likely to be weekends) point, perphaps more than once if your lucky.
but its 5 that turned this whole issue to be a bitch to make. Sonics proportions are horrible to me, so I just ended scrapping all my sketches and just stuck a bloody head.
And incase you can't tell by this issue, the comic is going to be bloody and morbid.