90 - The Fall of Gayman

Insizwa on March 1, 2010

http://hotimg23.fotki.com/a/206_108/253_201/090.jpg (sorry for the lackluster quality, the damn website compressed the fuck out of it)


Wow 323 panels – a new personal record. Sure I used some frames more than once, but hey it’s still a lot.

Special thanks goes out to:

Yart for giving me the idea to go do big ass comics like this. The idea of doing an entire story arc in one shot is really great for things like web comics, since readers don’t have to wait for weekly updates and all that bullshit.
Inspectorlupus for letting me use his picture of HOAR construction.
and Sam for lending me the slice of paper that I used to draw the last panel.

Anyway I hope this mother fucker blew your balls off, and hey – thanks for reading.

Brogan: I hope you enjoy it!

machinehead: Not unless you're a lizard; you did get that waver I sent you?