Twilight - 15

Gedanken on Oct. 28, 2007

Hi there!
First of all, many thanks for the comments 8D!!!
This page was very difficult to translate =(, if you find some errors plz tell me so I can fix it :D

Now I will answer the comments:

@Lil: yeah xD (thx for commenting on almost all the pages :_D!)

@Akki333: Your words make me happy!

@nigbun: ^____^!

@Cain: vale por el fav, y por hablar español xD

@Janen: gracias por notarlo xD ya pensaba q era demasiado sutiles xD

@ShinGen: Thx dude! :D!

@Rubygem: glad you like it! ^^

PS: I open a gallery ^^, if you want to see it here is the url:

Finis lockia Gallery lol

There are fanarts from the spanish version 8) here
U'r free to comment and register there!