forsakendoctrine on June 25, 2008


Yes. I deleted all the pages. Why you ask? Because of the fact that everything was not the size that I wanted. I also wanted to condense the pages so that new readers would see a much better flow. Technically, the first scene was drawn out so much that I felt that it was a bit boring– which it's not suppose to be! But truly, only I can make an action scene into a snore fest. I'll be redoing this pages and releasing them within the week. This also gives me time to build a sufficient buffer so that when problems arise (such as my obvious disgust with my ability to be motivated) you'll still get a comic.

Those of you who have already read the comic, I would certainly still check out the pages as things have changed. I've consolidated the scene and some panels have been eliminated (mostly the ones I think either don't add to that story or are just plain fugly).

Enjoy! Remember to visit the site at www.forsakendoctrine.com