19, RANDOMNESS in all it's glory!

Crazy_Asian_queen on March 25, 2008

This, though it might not be very funny, IS based off real events in which Lina and AJ had an ‘argument’ where they didn't talk to one another for two weeks all because of a misunderstanding.

Basically AJ said she'd call Lina but forgot and Lina, being her stubborn self, refused to call AJ and she got pissed because AJ never called for two weeks.

Well, AJ had, somehow, got the notion that she had told Lina to call her but Lina never did and she got pissed and, also being stubborn, refused to call Lina.

Poor Mariah had to be the moderator. If she hadn't been then the ‘fight’ would have gone on for much longer because both of them are stubborn dorks.

So yeah, this is kinda of a tribute to their silliness.