Tamao on June 14, 2008

Just as you read, I'm re-starting FMC. I hope you can understand…

EDIT: Because it seems the page doesn't work, I'll write it down here:

Yeah, you see that right!

All of the pages are gone! But Why?
well, I have decided to re-do Full Moon Charm, for the following reasons:

- Story: there are many things in the story I am not satisfied about. Things I wanted to add, or didn’t wanted in it at all.

- Character designs: My art is changing, but the character’s are not. This is really bothering me.

- Prologue: The prologue was originaly a lot longer, but because I actually started the comic so sudden, it has not turned out as I wanted.

So that are my reaons. You now can all shoot me.

PS. I uploaded the old pages on
Now you can still read the old pages!!!

The new updates will be around July.
This was my note. I hope you can understand. Peace out!!