Gakusei no Otaku Book 1 Cover

Reikouten on Jan. 13, 2008

Cover character: Ai Hamashita (Urkkk I'm too used to writing it in the Asian style. I typed her hame so many times and I still write it as Hamashita Ai :K)

Yeah… I'm going to try a new style here =D Going for BRIGHT, COLORFUL, CHARACTERIZATION, NO MURDER XD

Hmmm… Artwise, I think that there's still room for improvements though. D: And this is my first “successful” (I'm probably going to look back to it one day and go WTF IS THIS :KKK) cover, so sorry for the crappy cover >3> I'll make a better one if I can figure one out >3> Her hand kind of scares me….. =3= I'M NEVER DRAWING IN THIS ANGLE EVER AGAIN IT KILLED ME TO MUCH D:

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an otaku yet and I don't live in Japan. I don't even have a Japanese background except for some lessons I took, but that's it. If you have a problem with it whatever I'm still going to work on this :K I know that I'm going to have some inaccuracy with things such as locations, but whatever. … Unless I move to Japan sometime…. ‘w’