#001: Let there be Life/One Finger

Kendell on Oct. 28, 2008

This didn't take me long to make. It actually took maybe 20 minutes to 30. Mostly because I had to make the pointing sprite first. I'm progressively working on my sprite sheet. I get my sprites (general) from The Spriter's Resource, Spriter's Database, and Mystical Forest Zone 4. Backgrounds from Background HQ. Thanks to Rayqui for Meta's sprite base and all that, and especially for the Scrambled Style tutorial you PM'd me. Wouldn't be here without you. My friends P.K., Nicky, Sam, and Patrick, and I together made the concept together, but I'm making the comic, and writing the script and stuff. They don't have accounts yet, and they're making scrambled sprites as well, I think, or somethin. Whaterver, peace.
I'm open to critique, but please, supportive, or constructive please. Any bullshit, and “ones” for no reason will resort in reporting.