Silver Bullets Issue 1

Gargoylewebcomic on Sept. 16, 2007

This story is based off the anime manga Hellsing. Written By Ellen Stolfa.

Ellens Notes

I recall reading somewhere that Greg Weisman intended to do an episode of Gargoyles featuring vampires, if the series had continued for long enough. I never gave that idea much thought, until I came across the amazing characters of the anime/manga Hellsing. As a result, guest starring in “Silver Bullets” are two of the most difficult characters I've ever had the pleasure of writting–Alucard, a hip, out-there, souped-up version of Dracula, and the woman who keeps him on a (never short enough) leash, the tough fearless Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. This story is intended to be a one shot crossover, Mainly because the progression of the events in the Hellsing univers is difficult at best to interweave with that of the gargoyles Universe. For this one time, However it works well enough.

I had to inform readers already familar with Hellsing that I've followed the manga-verse rather then the anime-verse in this story, although it combines elements of both. In addition, I've punched an aproximately three-week hole in the Hellsing timjeline as it progressess in the manga. This Story takes place shortly after the Valetine brothers' attack on Hellsing Headquarters, but before Integra's meeting with Enrico Maxwell in the art Gallery. And yes , it's Axl. It would be helpful also for me to mention to thoughs readers not familar with the Gargoyles universe that Dominique Destine and Demona are the same person.