115. Big Questions

usedbooks on Sept. 7, 2011

I am barely treading water with Used Books and nt entirely capable of keeping up with a second comic, but I had weird idea today and had to get it recorded. I think there's a joke or two in here somewhere. Heh.

Also, click the banner below for the 2011 Drunkduck Awards! It's a very fun community-wide project and always needs more volunteers, so go do that! Be sure to check out the For Your Consideration thread as well. Voting starts this weekend. Gelotology has been slack lately, so this isn't any kind of endorsement for you to vote for it. (My last couple are just plain lazy; I'm just trying to silence my inner geek.) :P But please vote for things and volunteer.

Roy Duncan is running some awards too (after, like many of us, being concerned that the official DD Awards wouldn't run). They are some amusing categories, and voting is open now. http://2011comicawards.squickism.com/vote.php