Ginpu on March 12, 2011

This was first posted on the main site - on September 5, 2008.

Well holy ! 2 years… It’s been TWO freaking years since I first put up the first comic strip and starting working towards having a comic up every Friday for the past two years. Two years… Sheesh man… I think I grew up after I quit smoking. Which will be 6 years ago soon. Sunday is my 5th year with Phizuol. I’ve not been in a relationship that long… EVER. Even my married life combined with the dating period didn’t last that long. And my job? it’s been over 4 year. Four and a half to be exact. March will make 5 years there as well. I’ve never had the same job that long either. O_o The only thing that has been around longer than all that is my kitty Virginia. Hehe.

Well, here it is. Daughter’s face finally viewable. Her name is Pori. While she looks kinda in the group picture, I think she looks adorable in the NYAH! shot. Everyone looks crappy in the group shot. Well the 6 little guys. Drawing small… even with the aid of a computer is not small feat. LOL. Seriously… it’s a pain! So yeah.. Enjoy! I’m gonna go do some more art works!

And so ends Chapter 1 of Kit's Story.