Glimmer #1

angry_black_guy on Dec. 6, 2008

Welcome to Glimmer, a Sunday comic. It's about a girl, cursed at birth, to be a magnet for weird things. The catch? Neither her or the people she she interacts with are aware of the curse. It's all just an excuse for me to draw wacky, zany stuff.

There's also a blog that will periodically update with personal sketches, notes, and my inner commentary.

Anyways, this page was drawn earlier this year as a sort of “I'm bored” kind of thing. It's based on a character I drew in middle school more than a decade ago. Eventually I grew to like the concept and, flash forward to the present, decided to turn it into an ongoing series. This was colored with cheap paints before I bought real artist quality stuff hence the fading. I spent half an hour retouching the thing in Photoshop just so it would look semi-decent.

*sigh* such is the difficulty with a traditional medium.