AS level Sociology: Power and Control in the family

cheeselovingtree on Jan. 2, 2009

Yes, it's silly. But it's an experiment. Check the comic description, by the way.
This is for a resit, by the way, so don't expect to see much of AS level sociology.
This is generally geared towards essay questions like “assess the view that power and tasks in the family are now shared equally.” or “the family is still patriachal (dominated by men, for those not in the know)- assess this view.”
Editing is sloppy, but that's because I didn't originally intend for this to go to anyone else.
additional points of view which could be added-
Functionalists: sexual division of labour in the home is biologically inevitable. Women are naturally caring/emotional which parsons calls the “expressive role”.
Liberal feminists: Women have made real progress in equality, especially in education and the economy. Men are adapting to change and the future brings more change.
Marxist feminists: housewife role serves capitalism- it maintains the workforce and reproduces future labour-power.
Radical feminists: Delphy (1983) believe that “women are an exploited class”. Housewife is a role created by patriarchy geared to serve men.