Alejkhan WINS

Mina_Lunga on Jan. 18, 2011

Don't vote - instead, go visit the AWESOME that is the work of alejkhan! She is responsible for Jump , Lola, AND FireBorn ! These are all very different but excellent comics, with creepily endearing characters and a sense of style beyond the pale. Abbey doesn't look too happy about her outfit here, but I sure am! Alejkhan gets the Gnoph book :)

replies for this week's page (go back one if you missed it)
smkinoshita: Yes - in fact, it was Scut's idea to break the connection and in the process die. Scut was VERY much different from Lyss. However, he changed his mind when he ran across Will, whose ability to write programs had the potential to let them travel back to a world with good health care. And that's why he infected Will with Lyss, who turned out to be crazy.

JillyFoo: You're probably right. . . but send me an address and I'll send you the A'kni'att book!

ejb: Yes, and it's the same (barring differences in drawing style) as Will had waaaay back when he first met Lyss.