Cast of Characters

giadrosich on Dec. 16, 2007

Because I've been in Olympia, Washington for the last week, I was unable to finish the latest installment of Grandma Ninja (which will continue Monday, Dec. 24th). Also, the series is going through a slight style shift at the moment, so I figured it was a good time to introduce some of the characters that we will be featuring in the near future.

Here's an early conceptual sketch of the team:

Front: Grandma Ninja, Born in Tibet, now a naturalized American citizen.

Middle Row (left): Keith, an Egyptian Sheppard.

Middle Row (right): Feather. Unknown nationality.

Back Row (left): Father Martin, from the Netherlands.

Back Row (right): Jumbo Bwana, from Sierra Leone.

Not pictured: Pete, the dog of 1,000 phobias.