Prologue Pg. 1

saikiyo on Feb. 21, 2013

There's too much dialogue to fit in the
comic, so everything they say is down here. Ha! Forcing you read the artist comments!
Panel 1:

Voice 1: “Rawr! Look out
for the monsters, Shade, or they're gonna get you!”

Panel 2:

* Rustle rustle*

Shade: “Eeek! Dad!”

Voice 1: “Rawr! Go to sleep
naughty child! Or I'll take you away!”

Panel 3:


Voice 1: “Ow! Where'd you
learn to kick like that?”

Shade: “That's what you
get! Hee hee!”

Panel 4:

Voice 1: “Goodnight,
trouble maker”

Shade: “Wait! There are no
monsters in my room?”

Voice 1: “After all they
saw that kick of yours, they'd for sure have run away.”

Shade: “Goodnight

Voice 1: “Goodnight