harkovast on Nov. 10, 2013

More page! Woohoo!
Actually, not woohoo, cause this page is incredibly old.
You need to go read  the latest page which had got a lizard with tentacles coming out of his face.
To that effect, please head over to the main site using the over sized link/banner/thing to the left.
In other news…wow Drunk Duck is fucked up these days, isn't it?
It's not even called Drunk Duck any more.
If you search  for Drunk Duck on the internet you don't actually find it anymore. It feels like they are actively trying to get people to stop coming here.
As if there weren't enough problems, what with frequent crashes, poor load times, ugly colours, limited layouts, intrusive adverts (Which sometimes redirect you without you clicking on them…anyone else remember getting sent to a sight called “sex in china” all the time? I thought I had a virus till my friend got the same problem from going to DD…sorry the Duck…whatever the hell we are meant to call it!)  Now they are even making the place hard to find!
But  you know what isn't hard to find?!
It even has harkovast slap bang in the address.
And its got a map of Harkovast, and a forum (moderated by me so you talk about whatever the fuck you want as long as its not porn or racist or pissing me off) and a guide to the incredibly overly elaborate collection of cultures that make up the setting.
So get on over there!