Little Swan on Aug. 29, 2011

I got into the University I wanted :)
Since the end of April, I had been studying each day for roughly 7-9 hours. I worked myself into the ground, shut myself away from the world, barely saw any friends or family and stressed myself out to the brink of mental breakdown on more than one occasion.
Luckily, my hard work paid off! As it says above, my university wanted me to pass my college exams with AAB, and they wanted me to retake my maths exam from school. My GCSE maths grade was a C, but my university wanted a B so as well as studying for my A-Levels I went to night school and learned easy maths, then taught myself the harder stuff necessary for my B. I've always been terrible at maths, but by hours of hard work and study (as well as studying for my A-Levels), I managed to get grade A! :D
The English grade system (highest to lowest) is A*-A-B-C-D-E-U (with U being a fail.)
When I saw my grades this year (A*A*A), I screamed because I was so excited. The local news station filmed me and the clip made it to the TV. At the same time, I was interviewed by the local paper and made it into that too. The TV clip was very embarrassing as I was crying and squealing so much, haha.
I just wanted to share my success with you all; not to brag, but I'm just so pleased that I got into my University of choice :)
It's true what they say, hard work DOES pay off!
Also, watch this space as I have 2 pages of my new comic made! Once I have about six pages, I'll upload it so keep your eyes open!