TH3GADFLY on Feb. 21, 2013

n case your wondering about the lack of comic last week, it was because I was working on THIS: http://th3gadflyinflight.deviantart.com/art/Trav-L-Interactive-Comic-355302139
Just a three page comic I did… with a twist. Whether it was worth a week of comic delay is up to you.

Weekly Review Time:
Flash #17: The end of the Gorrilla Warfare story. The most anticlimatic
“climax” I've ever seem in a comic (Spoilers: he beat Grodd by throwing a
MAMMOTH at him)
Though to be fair, it did tie up all the lose ends, so I'm hopeful it'll
get better, after all, next issue crosses over with Dial H!

Talon #5: It took 5 issues but we finally have Batman APPEAR in this
Batman spinoff… for about 2 pages. This issue is mostly setup, but
it's Scott Snyder so you know he'll deliver.

X-men Legacy #6: I thought to myself before getting this “one last issue
then I'm dropping it”, but all my doubts and scoffs were turned around
on me.
The villain made sense again, both his and Legion's powers were used to
good effect, and it did what any end of an arc does best: tie up the
lose ends and set up for the next one. A pleasant surprise.