Thanks to 90+ Fans!

selecthumor on April 19, 2013

Thanks to the 90+ Fans on!
I for one love Poker Night at the Inventory, as I loved all four characters of Max, Strong Bad, the Heavy and Tycho.
I for one am also looking forward to the sequel! Who would have thought that Telltale could work Ash Williams, Claptrap, Brock and Sam (and GLADOS and Mad Moxi) into a kickass game?
If ever there was a Hephaestus video game, I half expect it to be this. :P
The dealer (unseen) is Tyche, goddess of luck and fortune (Fortuna is her Roman equivalent)
Knocking out Dionysus: TF2 Medic Hat: The Drinker's Headband
Knocking out Athena: TF2 Demoman Melee: The Pallas (reskinned Half-Zatoichi), TF2 Face Skin: Alpha-Bet (Athena's A)
Knocking out Ares: TF2 Heavy Body Misc: Mod of War (Ares' Armor)
Knocking out Hephaestus: TF2 Engineer Hat: Hephaestus' Hotrod, TF2 Engineer Misc: Teddy Daedalus (bear plush of Daedalus)
@Dragonfire10503 (Chapter 6, Page 25): thanks
@Ink_wolf (Chapter 6, Page 25): nicely put
@RedCast15 (Chapter 6, Page 25): also nicely put
@Kou the Mad (Chapter 6, Page 25): true :D
@man in black (Chapter 6, Page 25): thanks