20 Years of Sailor Moon and a new Anime!

selecthumor on July 5, 2014

I know the manga's 20 year anniversary was in February but I wanted to still draw something and so this is to commemorate the first episode of Sailor Moon: Crystal. I grew up watching the Sailor Moon anime with my older cousin when I was little so Usagi/Serena has a special place in my heart. (to note, I watched it at the age where you didn't comprehend sex appeal so back when I watching it on Toonami it was surprisingly innocent).

Artemis in the Hephaestus comics is heavily based on both Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman in terms of designs so I thought it was best to draw her side by side with Usagi. Incidentally, the idea of the Maiden of the Moon can be stemmed from the Artemis of myth so in some ways this comes full circle.

Here's to the Sailor Moon series and I hope that Sailor Moon Crystal lives up to the hype that we mooninites, I mean moonies place upon it.

@KingZombiee999 (Chapter 7, Prose i): :D