March Challenge Bombshell By Abt_Nihil

Macattack on March 1, 2012

Who likes last minute entries? I likes last minute entries! Annnnnd that will hopefully be the dumbest thing I'll ever say…. no promises though. Anyways, I'm very thankful to say that Abt_Nihil took me up on my challenge this month and made this wonderful piece depicting how Bombshell would survive a wintery day. Now I don't know about you but I think you'd still be pretty cold being dressed like that but at least you'd look stylish doing it!
Today is the last day for entries, however if I get any more today I will be giving them each a day in the limelight! Hope you guys are still enjoying this and feel free to comment! We have some great entries on this site. Also, if you aren't a member of the Heroes Alliance webcomic or don't have a superhero of your own… DON"T LET THAT DISCOURAGE YOU! We're free to accept any and all entries from everyone… just as long as it's up to T rating for my… and my shared computer's sake :P
ENJOY! And may warmer weather come soon!