Chapter 7: The Other Witch pg 17

Vig Starmax on Feb. 21, 2013

Co-plot and script by Gunwallace.

Well, here it is. After a two year wait… the conclusion to Chapter 7: The Other Witch. Yes folks that's it!

Again, a big whopping thank you to Gunwallace for helping me find a satisfying way out of my jam. And thanks to all of you who stuck by, hoping this is not another abandoned webcomic.

Echoing what Gunwallace said earlier, we have only scratched the surface of Hocusha. What's gonna happen next with Hocusha and Charminx? Who is Lothar Helholl and why does Hocusha have a secret crush on him? Whatever happened to Mr.World? What the hell happened to Chapter 5? All these and more in due time.

Yes, Hocusha will continue… on a irregular regular schedule. I'll have something up on Friday and run a short Interlude story for next week.
After that, i will update you on Chapter 8: Mysterious United.

Thanks again guys.