Chapter 1

Abt_Nihil on July 16, 2010

Holon starts on Monday.

A little hint: There's a gray dot lined up vertically with the two white dots (the “Os” in “Holon”). THAT is where we're headed!

(By the way, remember I said I'd post that 4-pager on Eat My Shorts last week? It needs some love!)


Fitz: Oooh, that's a lot of pressure I'm under ;-) I'll try not to disappoint with the next pages either. Thank you very much!

DAJB: Collect them all!! Er… (BTW, choosing between “grey” and “gray” in my comment was tough. Should I cater to the British or the American? I'm afraid US citizens win by their sheer number…)

sux: Thanks, I'm glad you feel that way! I tried to infuse the design with a certain feel, which I hope represents the atmosphere of the story.

Nepath, MrHades, Jabali & Elkian: Thanks a lot!