Chapter 3 Page 18

Abt_Nihil on June 22, 2011


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JNP: Haha! It's my fault, really. I'm not a fashion designer, after all! :P Plus, I do like her butt. Not so much into fat rolls though :O

sux: Haha! Right, it's such a clichee, but I think this is the first time I'm using it. ^_^

freefall_drift: So you like being tricked? Whew! ;-) I need to point out that she does read well… she just needs glasses. All required explanation will follow on the next page(s)!

Lemniskate: Now you're scaring me a wee bit :P

Accolade Graphics: Thank you very much! That's highly appreciated.

JazylH: Thank you! More deception is underway ;-)

Zephyrion, man in black, mmm bacon0: Thanks!