Chapter 4 Page 09

Abt_Nihil on Nov. 14, 2011


Critics’ Acclaim

Each page is different, and the point of view choices are really interesting (Chp 3 pg 31 for example)

Holon has very fluid panels, well planned out and easy to follow.

I think Abt Nihil carefully plans his layouts, and uses them in the best way to tell his story.

Holon was also top nominee by popular vote in the two other categories in which it was nominated: Best Sci-Fi and Best Philosophical/Political. Thanks a lot to everyone who voted for me, and I hope you'll keep enjoying this comic!

Oh, and I'll let you in on a not-so-secret secret: I don't do as much careful planning as is suggested above. I do think the layouts through to some extent, but most of it is created on the spot while sketching the page (I do the sketch, pencils and inks on the same sheet of paper). I'd say it mostly boils down to experience, rather than careful planning. I can visualize them pretty easily without having to do thumbnails - so I can't really call that “planning”:3 Either way, layouts are one aspect of my art which get praised pretty often, so I must be doing something right. signifikat was nominated last year in the same category. Or actually, I think it was a tie with another comic and didn't quite get nominated :P

Thanks for reading and commenting!


Nepath & Genejoke: Thank you very much!

alejkhan: D'oh! I need to learn to keep my mouth shut :D Since you're subtly implying that you voted for me, I'll offer to give you my award… but only in person! :3

Tantz Aerine: The lieutenant says thanks, and I say thanks! :3

Lemniskate: Jep. Scheint öfter so zu sein.