Solara Spin-Off Pg. 4

Abt_Nihil on April 26, 2012

Of course, she didn't actually knock him out… :P

And thus, another short story concludes. The first panel may be somewhat reminiscent of a scene from my previous comic, signifikat - you figure out what it means :3

One idea behind these short stories is to make them appear as if they were more or less randomly pulled from a huge stack of old comics. It's a concept I was first introduced to by the Radioactive Man miniseries in the 90s. If you read all of my TFTIR short stories in sequence, you should get a good idea of the overall storyline, and yet have the feeling that there are many untold stories inbetween. Yet, my primary concern is with the character development, not with the overall storyline, and also with the basic meta-narrative that plays off of the main chapters of Holon.

Speaking of main chapters, next up is chapter 5! And coincidentally, this chapter will illuminate one of the connections between TFTIR and the main storyline. I hope you're looking forward to it, and that you've been enjoying the comic so far!

Thanks for reading and commenting.


skreem: Thanks!

Genejoke: Thank you! I do get mixed feedback - some like the short stories more, some the main chapters -, but for me they're integral parts of a whole.

man in black: Thanks!

Lemniskate: Vielen Dank!