Chapter Nine- Page 18

jgib99 on Jan. 30, 2011

Hello Duckies. I'm back after a few unexpected delays. I hope that you enjoyed the new page. It seems that the battle royale between J.B. and his new pal has been rudely interrupted.

In case you've been wondering who these guys are that are trying to kill our heroes. Their name will be revealed sometime within the next few pages.

Now on to the comments:

LanceDanger- Thanks. Glad to see you back!

ghostrunner- Well… yeah. It would've been a great fight if the “Lame Borg-looking dipshit” didn't interfere. Maybe J.B. will recover before its too late.

Antionestrife- Thanks. And I will. (Or I did). Sorry I answered so late.

jerrie, Peipei, croxtonhas, and Void- Thank you very much!

I'll see you on Friday for the next update. Thank you again for reading How Unfortunate.

Rock On!