Alvin And the Chipmunks Do Hard Time

Trantor on Dec. 5, 2009

Hello everyone!

Ok, I've been away from active Drunk Duck and webcomic stuff for a while. Here's the scoop. I'm actively updating my site again, with both new I ♥ Sushi and Drawnsword stories. The game plan is at least one I ♥ Sushi (random gag comic) per week, and one 12 page black and white Drawnsword story per year (yeah, sorry, job and real life won't allow for more). Those of you who have been following know I've done a printed collection of I ♥ Sushi as well as a printed Drawnsword and a new Drawnsword print issue in the last few years. This trend will continue with a second volume of I ♥ Sushi coming out in March and available online and at the handful of conventions I'll try to make this coming year.

So now for your enjoyment, I'll be reposting the entire Drawnsword archive here, as well as the entire I ♥ Sushi archive. Remember, a lot of this stuff is old and rough, so don't be too harsh. :)

Remember, the new stuff is over at!!!

Karl “Trantor” Kuras