Sexy Bunny Day!

niauropsaka on March 29, 2013

It is Sexy Bunny Day! (I don't really trust DrunkDuck with html right now, so I'm going to keep the list on Dreamwidth.)

Last Saturday, I had a great idea for Sexy Bunny Day, and worried I wouldn't get it done by Friday, when things were supposed to go up.
Later, I had the idea for this strip as a prelude to the other strip, maybe on Wednesday. I was arguing with myself whether even to take time to do it, then on Wednesday decided to just do it for Thursday. And then it became twice as long as I meant it to, and it's my Friday post.
So, I hope there will be another strip or something later this weekend, but in any case this is the Sexy Bunny Day strip now.

Elaine, LaFaonne, and LaFaonne's cousin Katie.