Bad Wolf (chapter 3)

rose red on Feb. 20, 2012

After quite a long time (a year… maybe more than a year if you dont count my hiatus page) I have returned to continue In the Woods. I feel slightly silly for being gone for so long. Sorry. (no the chapter title has nothing to do with Doctor Who) 
Anyway, doesnt it look prettier now? I find I'm much better with color than black and white. I just can't understand such stark contrast, so look forward to color from now on! And the pages wont be so big, so maybe I can do them more often. Since it has been so long, hopefully my drawing style has “matured” –> aka gotten better. I think it has?
I'll try to keep it up without another hiatus, at least once a month if not more, and I'll try to update towards the weekend, but I wont promise a day, just weekend-ish, so stay with me! Please? (I'll beg?)
Oh, and I went back and deleted the “Hiatus page” Because it annoyed me. So if for some reason your looking for it… not sure why you would be… its gone.